Monday, February 23, 2009

Since I Was Here Last...

There's way too much to tell, but some highlights:

-I now teach sections of the class when Lloyd is there, and whole classes when he's off on vacation! I'd say I'm getting close to me 225 hours of required lead teaching for my CPDT.

-I've been to a ton of seminars by such luminaries as Ian Dunbar, Pat Miller and Patricia McConnell - all fabulous. Read their books!

-Franklin is as bratty as ever, but my one-and-only baby boy (the cat is my "Best Boy").

-Please watch & support Animal Planet's POSITIVE trainer, Victoria Stilwell (It's Me or the Dog). It's nice to see a network promoting gentle methods, instead of quakerous and dangerous techniques. You know who you are. (Cesar).

-I've lost a ton of weight due to no longer driving to work.

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