Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Very very interesting stuff, and yet more criticism of Cesar Millan. Every highly-trained doggie behaviorist and trainer I have heard speak has mentioned (not in a good way) dear Cesar, although never by name. Very interesting that the majority of the dog training and behavior community seems to think he's a quack. Probably because he says his training is "instinctual", which seems to be a bunch of B.S. since he himself is not actually a dog and therefore can't empathize with dog instincts. His methodology flies in the face of decades of empirical study and carefully controlled research. But so much for science!

Anyways, the lecturer, Brenda Aloff, has a couple of books, but one in particular seems the most fascinating. It's a photo essay of doggie body language. Check it out <----click there (or click on the pic).

We did not attend Day 2 of the seminar because of Lloyd feeling under the weather and my anxiousness about the actual weather. We got home in 4 hours, about and hour and a 1/2 longer than normal due to the heavy rain and many attendent accidents. The Harbor Tunnel and BW Parkway were poor choices is all I can say. Luckily we were able to cut over to I-95 due to my superior navigation skills ;) .


Jean said...

So what did the seminar include? Were there just lectures or some live demonstrations?

Sounds like a typical east coast corridor journey on the way back. I used to plan on sitting in traffic from Boston south.

Kristen S. said...

There were a couple of demos with dogs from the audience....very cool. They did an eye contact demo with a poodle (the dog maintains eye contact with the trainer while the lecturer creates distractions with body movement swinging a rope around, etc.) And there were a couple videos.

JennB said...

My friend knows Cesar and says he is kind of full of shit....

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